Metoba GmbH acknowledges its responsibility to maintain mankind’s natural environment. Profitable business − and therefore also the continuity of the company − can only be sustained in the long term if environmental protection is considered in all business decisions in addition to the quality of products and production processes and social responsibility for its employees and society. The commitment of the General Management is not limited to compliance with all relevant environmental regulations, but goes beyond this to continuously improve environmental protection standards in all parts of the company. Our business activities are conducted according to the following principles:
(extract from the 2002 Environmental Statement)

  • Reduce impact on the environment
  • Protect resources
  • Avoid waste and effluents
  • Ecologically compatible products
  • Pursue common policy with suppliers and service providers
  • Avoid danger and prevent accidents
  • Self-monitoring
  • Provide information and vocational and further training for employees

We strive to provide all interested parties, customers, business associates and employees of official bodies and institutions with information on new developments, changes and improvements in our company.
For anyone who is interested in environmental protection at Metoba GmbH or who would like to contact us concerning this matter, you are invited to contact our Environmental Management Representative Mr. Thorsten Hering (0 23 51/8 75-39).