Strip coating

Important aspects for strip coating of very small electronic components include special process stability and a uniform coat distribution.

The facility shown entered service in early 2000 and features a number of innovative solution details. For the first time, a new cell structure was employed, which prevents the medium from contaminating the next processing cell. The cell structure therefore ensures a uniform high quality finish. In addition − and especially for this system − the latest BUS + PLC technology was used to develop an error detection system in the in-house control and switchgear cabinet shop. Malfunction and error messages are displayed in clear text and enable the operator to rectify malfunctions, usually immediately and without the need for special tools or a maintenance technician. This makes it possible to cut downtimes to a minimum.

Great emphasis was placed on environment-friendly operation of the facility as part of the environmental protection scheme. Complicated rinsing sequences, return and recycling of the waste water directly in the process make it possible to achieve low water consumtion and ecologically compatible operation. Additionally integrated performance enhancement also helps to save electricity.

Further interesting features:

  • Strip heights up to 110 mm can be processed
  • Strip feed and height adjustment can be set for many different strip types (flat strip, crimp, special strip, etc.)
  • Pallet winder is also suitable for very heavy reels weighing up to 3,000 kg
  • The following finishes can currently be applied in the facility – both full surface as well as selective treatment: copper , nickel, tin, tin-lead in all commercially available alloys, silver, gold, hard gold.


Coating systems:

  • Gold, silver
  • Tin (matte, bright)
  • Copper, nickel

Coating methods:

  • full surface on both sides
  • partial strips on both sides


Dimensions and weights:

  • Strip widths: 0,5−110 mm
  • Strip thickness: 0,01−1.5 mm
  • Ring weights: up to 3,000 kg
  • Ring diameter: max. 1,700 mm