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Technical possibilities at Metoba

Metoba offers the following techniques for processing Tin-Cobalt :


1. Characteristics and properties

The tin-cobalt coating is characterised by a uniform and optically sophisticated surface, which stands out due to its platinum-chrome-like appearance. The alloy layers, which are galvanically deposited from 70-80% tin and 20-30% cobalt, are extremely thin layers (0.1-0.2µm), which have a much better scattering and covering ability than conventional chromium plating, but still have a high abrasion resistance. The hardness of these layers is approx. 400 HV 0.1.

2. Benefits and areas of application

Decorative applications are ideal for tin-cobalt coatings such as buttons, clasps, buckles, screws, nuts and small parts in sanitary and automotive applications. A further advantage over conventional chrome plating is the low-cost machining, which is also possible using the drum process.

3. Basic material

Tin-cobalt coatings are deposited on intermediate nickel layers. The thickness and gloss of the nickel layer can be varied and influences the optical appearance of the coating. The texture of the base material is reproduced.

4. Required delivery condition

The goods provided must be largely metallically bright. Residual oils or residual impurities must be removable with conventional aqueous alkaline degreasers. Oils containing silicone, alkali/alkaline earth and high-pressure additives must be avoided at all costs.

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