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Sud silver plating

Technical possibilities at Metoba

Metoba offers the following techniques for processing Sud silver plating :


1. Characteristics and properties

Sudsilver layers are deposited as silky white silver layers with a thickness of 0.5-1µm with a purity content of 99.90 % and are RoHS compliant. Within the scope of brew silver plating, silver deposition takes place without current by means of charge exchange. Since silver is a noble metal, less noble metals such as non-ferrous metals can also be electrolessly coated with silver. This means that silver is reduced from a solution as part of the charge exchange of base metals and is thus deposited on the base metal.

2. Benefits and areas of application

Silver has the best electrical conductivity of all metals with an electrical conductivity of 62-67 m/W*mm². For this reason, silver surfaces are frequently used for electrical components such as plug and breaker contacts, which are not only soldered and glued but also welded during production. Since galvanically deposited silver layers can cause problems during welding due to differences in layer thickness, Metoba offers a coating with sud silver plating, which has an absolutely uniform layer thickness distribution. Even in drilled holes and hard-to-reach areas of the component, the same uniformly thick layer thickness distribution occurs as on all other surfaces of the component.


Sud silver plating is also frequently used for electronic assemblies consisting of individual contacts that do not have any electrical connection between them.

3. Basic material

Workpieces made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium can be silver plated after pre-copper plating. Non-ferrous metals do not require an intermediate layer and can be silver plated directly.

4. Required delivery condition

The goods provided must be largely metallically bright. Residual oils or residual impurities must be removable with conventional aqueous alkaline degreasers. Oils containing silicone, alkali/alkaline earth and high-pressure additives must be avoided at all costs.

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