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Technical possibilities at Metoba

Metoba offers the following techniques for processing Sealings :


1. Characteristics and properties

Seals are transparent top coats that can be applied to wet, chromated workpieces as a last step. The layer thickness of this transparent layer is controlled over the immersion time and can range from a few tenths of a micrometer to about 2-3µm. Metoba uses chromium-free, organic sealants.

2. Benefits and areas of application

Sealing is a process of chromate-free, organic polymers which combine with the chromated layers and further improve corrosion protection.

3. Basic material

Seals are ideal for galvanized and subsequent chromated components.

4. Required delivery condition

The goods provided must be largely metallically bright. Residual oils or residual impurities must be removable with conventional aqueous alkaline degreasers. Oils containing silicone, alkali/alkaline earth and high-pressure additives must be avoided at all costs.

5. Pre-treatment

Workpieces are first galvanized and chromated using a drum process.

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