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Greasing and oiling

Technical possibilities at Metoba

Metoba offers the following techniques for processing Greasing and oiling :


1. Characteristics and properties

Greasing and oiling are primarily used for temporary corrosion protection for storage times of steel workpieces that have been burnished or phosphated, but also as a surface finish, for example on black chrome-plated workpieces, which thereby receive a particularly deep black shine. Especially when phosphating, it is advisable to oil the workpieces. The coarse crystalline surface of the phosphating layer with its capillaries absorbs the oil very quickly and stores it, so that components are effectively protected from the effects of environmental conditions.

2. Benefits and areas of application

Greases and oils can be used not only to protect against corrosion but also to give the workpieces a higher degree of gloss or to improve the sliding properties during assembly. Greasing and oiling can be carried out on galvanic layers as well as on pickled, phosphated and burnished surfaces.

3. Basic material

Greasing and oiling can be applied to a wide variety of articles. Decisive for the right oil or grease are the surface produced beforehand and the later intended use. For example, other oils are suitable for burnished steel screws than for a black chrome-plated workpiece.

4. Required delivery condition

The goods provided must be largely metallically bright. Residual oils or residual impurities must be removable with conventional aqueous alkaline degreasers. Oils containing silicone, alkali/alkaline earth and high-pressure additives must be avoided at all costs.

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