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Black nickel plating

Technical possibilities at Metoba

Metoba offers the following techniques for processing Black nickel plating :


1. Characteristics and properties

Black nickel coatings serve purely decorative purposes and, due to their brittleness, are only produced in thicknesses of up to approx. 2µm. Nickel sulphide and zinc sulphide contained in the zinc layer are responsible for the formation of black nickel layers. The range of deposited layers extends from deep black, matt to slightly shiny surfaces.

2. Benefits and areas of application

Whereas black nickel coatings used to be mandatory for military equipment, today they are widely used in the optical and decorative industries.

3. Basic material

A corrosion protection effect is hardly present with black nickel plating, so that an appropriate substrate is required for this purpose, whereby bright nickel is usually used. Non-ferrous metals can also be nickel plated directly in black. Particularly beautiful and uniform black nickel coatings can be achieved on freshly deposited nickel.

4. Required delivery condition

The goods provided must be largely metallically bright. Residual oils or residual impurities must be removable with conventional aqueous alkaline degreasers. Oils containing silicone, alkali/alkaline earth and high-pressure additives must be avoided at all costs.

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