Metal surface finishing in perfection

"Metoba has been a strategic partner for Phoenix Feinbau in the field of surface coating for years. We appreciate the trusting cooperation, the competence and the perfect service Metoba offers us."
Frank Komes, Head of Purchasing
Phoenix Feinbau GmbH & Co. KG
"Metoba and Lumberg have been neighbours in the Sauerland for many years - in the best sense of the word: we are close when it comes to personal relationships, mutual support for challenging products, processing requirements and reaction times. They understand our business and the required precision, they support us highly flexibel when things get tight - you can simply rely on them. Thank you for trust, reliability, competence, quality, service - and your people, Metoba!"
Nicole Wahl, Head of Purchasing
Lumberg Connect GmbH
"Our cooperation in the field of electroplating was established more than two decades ago and in the field of strip electroplating more than 15 years ago. Short ways and especially also decision ways, combined with mostly short delivery times, characterize the long, trusting cooperation."
Gerhard Brüser, Senior Development Engineer Connectors
Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
"With Metoba we have found a very competent supplier in the field of metal surface treatment. Metoba has been a reliable business partner for us for decades, from the preparation of quotations and technical expert advice to the delivery of high-quality goods. We can recommend the contact to Metoba in every way."
Dirk Kamieth, Purchasing
Berker GmbH & Co. KG


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Thorsten Hering
Managing director
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Dr. Sven Hering
Managing director
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Frank Lingemann
Head of sales
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Francesco Mattia
technical Sales
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Christian Hoffmann
Sales A-D, G-J
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Sales H-J, K-R
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Akile Varli
Sales H-J
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Britta Riewe
Sales S-Z
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Thomas Kimm
Production manager (rack)
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Philipp Voß
Deputy Production Manager (Reel-to-Reel)
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Oliver Theis
Production manager (bulk)
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Florian Lingelbach
Head of Quality Assurance
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